Formative Assessment Using Technology

EdPuzzle is a new innovative site that lets you take just about any video off the web, edit it down to the portions you want, add audio notes and questions for students, and create virtual classrooms where you can monitor individual student work

That Quiz


free service for teachers who want to replace paper tests with online testing.  An online grade book providing fast analysis of class and individual student progress.  An exchange for teachers to share the resources they create.  A skills site for students, especially useful for math practice and testing


Easily create lessons in minutes for your next class. Import files (pdf, ppt, jpg) or Google slides and add interactive activities, websites, and videos to keep your students engaged in their learning


Use Socrative to visualize the responses of your students! 


Padlet is a virtual wall/bulletin board that allows students to create a sticky note to express their thoughts on a common topic. Padlet allows us to post text, links, images, and a wide variety of files including video.


 Quizizz is very similar to Kahoot, except the questions appear on the students' devices


Kahoot is a game-based website that allows teachers to create games with multiple choice questions for the students to answer. The session is played as a quiz with game show music and points awarded to students based on speed and accuracy. After each question is answered, a graph displays how the group did as a whole. The top five places are also shown after each question